The Renovation Session

When embarking on a renovation be prepared for the WHOLE journey. The incredible obstacles, the ups and downs ... as well as the financial and marital stress. 

But also be prepared for opportunities that allow you to express yourself through your physical space. Be prepared to make 100 decisions a day that feel small but all add up to the vision you have for your home, or for yourself.

This does not mean that you need to gut your home and make it "instagram" worthy. It does not mean that you have to pretend your mess doesn't exist or that you need to have the latest trendy style item. 

When we talk about renovation, we are talking about reinvention. We are talking about taking something that doesn't speak to you anymore and daring to change it. In little...or big ways. 

How many times have you been excited to try something new, loved it for a bit and then realized it no longer spoke to you? Did you hang onto it because you wanted it before? or did you let it go and make way for the next exciting thing. 

I say we dare to let go. To change directions 100 times over if we have to - as long as it sparks a fire and allows us the chance to live life authentically to who we are in THIS moment.  

When my grandmother opened her home decor shop in her 50's she was Newley widowed. She dared to step outside her comfort zone and find a new way to express who SHE was. She grabbed onto what spoke to her and allowed herself a form of expression that she could run with. In fact she reinvented herself with it. 

When my grandmother got sick, and my mother took over the shop - she did the same thing. She too had an eye and a passion for home decor and design, but she did it HER way. She took what my grandmother had built and made it her own. 

Finally, when I decided to open my own home decor boutique ; Maggie & Kaye ( named after my two grandmothers), I too am choosing to do it my way. Right now that looks like an online shop only. But it too allows me a form of expression that I'm passionate about and always have been. 

We can renovate our lives any time. We can look around us and visualize the things we want to see or be. Renovation can look like tearing down a wall and renovating your 1973 bungalow into the home of our dreams, or simply changing up your regular dinner option!

Whatever it is, it's your choice to make. Your chance to see the beauty in the things around you and be brave enough to renovate. 


If you're wanting to follow along Emma's current home renovation check out her personal Instagram page @ Emma.grimsteadd