About Us

A little bit about The Expression Sessions...

The Expression Sessions are little snippets of life, conversations, art, and events meant to encourage self-expression in our communities, families, youth and within ourselves. Too often do we go through the motions of day-to-day life without truly taking time to do the things that bring us joy, speak our truths and share commonalities. When you express yourself creatively, you are unlocking the freedom that comes from being YOU without apology. You are creating a sense of community for those that share that aspect of yourself and creating understanding for those that don't. With every expression session you are showing others that they are not alone, and we are in this journey together. You are sharing your story, so that others can connect, share and contribute their own.

Expressing yourself creatively doesn't always look like art or theatre ( though that is how we found joy in expression). It can be done in so many different ways. Through cooking, decorating, fashion, make-up, health an fitness journeys, car karaoke, journaling, yoga, family time, travel and so much more!

We hope by showing you our Expression Sessions we can inspire you to create your own. Whatever they may look like. Be YOU - and express that without apology. Be KIND and receptive of others expressions because we are all just trying to be understood, seen and heard and feel a little less alone in this journey.

May we create a space that leads the way for you to feel safe to share, inspired to create, and part of a community of empowered people that are ready to take on the world.